I’ve always wanted to be rich.  Marrying for money never appealed to me and I don’t stand to inherit a substantial sum of money, so I knew I’d have to make it on my own.

Once I graduated college, I just KNEW it was millionaire time. I got 2 jobs and hustled my buns off- somehow managing to accumulate mounds of debt and maintaining a negative net worth.

This was not working out.

I decided that I was never going to make the kind of money I wanted working for someone else, so I haphazardly started (and gave up on) business after business. Every time a new guru touted the latest way to become a millionaire, I’d slap down my AMEX.

After about a dozen failed ventures (everything from multi-level marketing to vending machines) I decided that higher education held the key and I enrolled in an MBA program.

I was working full time, taking night classes for my MBA, and working on my business on the weekends. I didn’t have time to fuss with a lot of the administrative details that come with running a business, so I really had to focus my efforts. I streamlined, automated, and delegated in an attempt to keep any remaining pieces of sanity intact.During this time, I learned an important lesson. Being so busy running my business and keeping all the other balls up in the air left me exhausted and burnt out. Most days, I just needed a nap.

Even though my bank account balance was getting healthier, I didn’t have the time to enjoy the people and things that are most important to me. I didn’t feel rich, and I realized that no matter what my net worth looked like, I wasn’t going to until I found some balance. The life I wanted, my rich life, needed to have time for the people I love, going on adventures, and doing the things that light me up.

Finishing my MBA, I got a good job, making good money. My decade of failed business experiments actually came in handy in my new position doing high level process improvement. Those experiences helped me find holes, tighten up processes, and ultimately saving the organization I worked for tens of millions of dollars.

I was also getting savvier in my own business ventures- managing to turn a profit for the first time in my business life. I started Handle Your Back End to help business owners not only turn a profit, but actually keep their hard earned money.

I am able to take experiences from my multi-billion dollar work environment and my five figure side business, and apply the best lessons from both.

I love using my experiences and expertise to help people make their companies and lives better. I offer courses and one on one strategy to make help business owners have more time and income to do the things that matter. Let me give you the shortcuts I’ve found to create ease and simplicity in your business so you can create your rich life.

Yes, you can feel good about your money!

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