Financial expert and teacher Anne Tipton, MBA has a message for successful business owners: there’s a big difference between knowing how to make money and understanding how to create wealth. Generating revenue is the first step — but from there, women must learn how to turn the money they make into wealth and the freedom, financial security, and lifestyle it gives them.Now here’s the rub. A successful business owner may already have a bookkeeper and an accountant. She may have a business mentor. Maybe she’s even hired an attorney or talked to a financial planner. She’s hired these expensive experts, and trusts them without a true understanding of what they are advising her to do.

That’s the problem Anne is here to help women business owners solve.

But here’s what’s missing: a coordinated strategy and a CEO-level understanding of how to work with those advisors.

Anne tours the US speaking to groups from 20 to 500, sharing the with business owners exactly what they need to know to get their Back End Handled

She understands the struggle small business owners face trying to understand the confusion around finances and accounting.

She noticed that most accountants, lawyers, and financial professionals kind of suck at explaining what it took them years to master. They aren’t able to give a high level explanation of how the parts and pieces.
Anne focuses on getting her clients rapid results- a clear understanding of the concepts they need and a strategy that they can actually use.

Yes, you can feel good about your money!

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